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  • Artful solutions to scientific challenges

  • Screening the world's population for Myotonic Dystrophy and other trinucleotide repeat disorders.

  • AAVinue, Inc.

    AAVinue, Inc. is a pre-seed stage biotech startup, pioneering development of advanced AAVs (adeno-associated viruses) capable of evading neutralizing antibodies and providing deep tissue penetration to allow increased patient access to life-saving therapies.

  • Accurvec Biotech

  • Advirna

    Innovative solutions for oligonucleotide delivery.

  • Anteros Bio

    Anteros Bio is leveraging overlooked biomarkers in partners reproductive microbiomes to provide them with actionable knowledge for empowered, proactive healthcare decisions.

  • Arogy Tx

  • CG Scientific

    Novel technology for extracting mesenchymal stem cells.

  • Codomax

    Codomax applies its Epi-MAX platform technology to re-engineer strains and expression vectors to enable maximal production of difficult-to-express biologics.

  • Conigen Bioscience

    Conigen Bioscience Inc. is a life science tools company that integrates state-of-art immunology, virology, molecular biology and cell biology to create new reagents and high-quality assays for discovery, development, and manufacturing.

  • DermBiont

    Leveraging skin microbiome therapeutics to treat, cure, and prevent skin diseases

  • EasyText.AI

    Make web text so simple we understand it the first time we read it.

  • Enable Life Sciences

    Immuno-oncology CRO services.

  • Enamel Pure

    Healthy Enamel, Pure Smiles

  • Fornax Biotech

    Next-generation sequencing, bioinformatics and RNA-related services.

  • Gliese 623B

    Medtech Consultancy for Small Businesses

  • Hessian Labs

    Hessian Labs harnesses information from platelets, a highly responsive biological system, to build non-invasive tools with ‘next level’ diagnostic capability.

  • Ichosia Biotechnology

    Harnessing Genetics to Enhance Transfusion Medicine

  • JURA Bio, Inc.

    Building CAR-T to fight autoimmunity

  • Leal Therapeutics

    A CNS-focused biotech start-up working to develop a pipeline of novel, ultra-precise therapeutics for major CNS indications.

  • LoopCO2

    Experts of converting CO2 to plastics

  • Metro Biotech

    First-in-class, small-molecule NAD+ enhancers to treat rare diseases and combat aging.

  • Microgradient Fluidics

    Microfluidics for quantifying biomolecule stability and interactions

  • Neurotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

    A long-term solution to slow disease progression, helping patients maintain vision and quality of life.

  • OptoGlo

    OptoGlo has invented an advanced material that is radically changing the functionality of signs. Instantly display messaging and advertising without wires – day or night.

  • Prana Biosciences

    Using innovation to reformulate existing drugs.

  • Prothia

    Device specialists in cardiovascular, perinatal and rehabilitation applications.

  • SignaBlok, Inc.

    Multi-Indication Cancer Platform Therapeutic

  • Solarea Bio

    Solarea Bio is a biotech company building solutions for health disorders using bacteria and fungi native to healthy foods to create powerful synergistic, anti-inflammatory microbial assemblages.

  • SpadXTech

    SpadXTech seeks to significantly reduce CO2 emissions through the manufacturing of various carbon negative cellulose-based materials. Through its material platform technology and versatility, they can potentially impact the packaging, textiles, transportation, filtration, and the construction industries.

  • Spatial Surgical

    Novel first in class orthopedic laser system that rapidly and safely ablates soft tissue and bone through a single handpiece

  • Targeted Cell Therapies

    Novel oral delivery treatment for Gaucher disease.

  • VecX Biomedicines

    VecX Biomedicines is an AI-driven biotech company existing at the intersection of computational protein design, bioengineering, synthetic biology, and medicine and pioneering gene therapy to create breakthrough medicines.

  • ZATA Pharmaceuticals

    Transforming blood transfusion through pathogen inactivation.